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Sizes for every room and every decor, whether you're renting a studio apartment or in your forever home.

Individual Pieces:

19.5 x 15

19.5 x 19.5            $600

36 x 24

25 x 25

42 x 19.5               $900

40 x 30

33 x 33

50 x 20                $1400

40 x 40

60 x 25                $1900

Choose Your Size

From high-end metallic and acrylic to the highest quality canvas, the finish will make your personal art stand out to all who see it as a reflection of the craftsmanship and museum quality invested.

Choose from


Reflective Acrylic

Non-Reflective Acrylic



Prefer a more traditional look?  

We offer Matted/Framed pieces as well.

Choose Your Finish

Choose a 2.5 inch or 1 inch side panel.

Side panels can be white, beach-wood, brown wood, dark wood (almost black), or choose a custom color to match your decor from a wide range of option.

Design Your Profile

Build a Custom Collection

There is no better way to display the start of your new home together than with a collection prominently displayed.

Collections can reflect a single event or can be built over time to tell your life story.  

If purchasing individual pieces for your wedding, keep size, material and profile in mind for future maternity, newborn and family sessions to build your collection over time and maintain a consistent look and feel for your home.

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