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Graphistudio Albums

Graphistudio Albums

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Fully customizable

Each piece is hand-crafted in Venice Italy

Designed and created with the highest level of museum quality detailing.

Step 1:  
Page Design

Included in most contracts or
$500 a-la-carte

Internal Design

In our minds, capturing your pictures is like gathering ingredients to create something truly special.

We go through the thousands of images captured at your wedding and select the best-of-the best to design your album and tell your story perfectly.

When you attend your Premiere we will have your album completely designed.

Together we will approve each page making any adjustments as we go.

Each spread tells a part of your story.


Step 3:  Size

We start with a 12x8 but we also know one size does not fit everyones needs.  
That's why we offer three sizes.

Screen Shot 2021-09-17 at 1.59.49 PM.png



Compact = 12x8 (included)

Classic = 13x9.5 (most popular)

Majestic = 16x12 (Truly Unique)

+$350 per increase in size
from Compact 

Step 2:  Print & Bind

Select your album's Cover Material as well as any modifications



 Crystal Glance
 Italian Leather


Raised Foil

 Color Overprinting

 Laser Engraving



First 30 pages are typically included with most contracts.  Most albums end up around 70-80 pages.

Additional pages

Glossy, Deep Matte, 
Metallic, specialty


Step 4:  Keepsake Box

With a variety of looks and styles your keepsake box will stand out as an important piece of personal art itself.


- Wood
- Eco-Wood
- Leather
- Touch


- Raised Foil

_ Color Overprinting

_ Laser Engraving


.MOV screen insert



Parent Albums

Two 8x6  or  a single 12x8 Clone of the Primary Album for $600 
(When purchased with Wedding Book, $9
00 a-la-carte)


Your Parent Albums are smaller versions of your album with the exact same page design and layout.  That means if you upgrade to 80 pages their album will also be 80 pages with no additional fee!  

These are the perfect gift to say Thank You to your parents for all they've done.

Most moms want one, so whether it's a gift from you or something they purchase on their own, we ask that you at least let them know about them.  :)

Need more than two albums?  Easy, we can order additional sets at half price and in varying sizes and quantities as shown below.

GIFT BOOKS: Starting at $300

Each option is $300 when purchased in conjunction with Parent Albums,  $600 when ordered without parent albums or $800 when ordered a-la-carte.

- Four 5x4 Clone Hard backs

- Eight 5x4 Clone Soft backs

- Fifteen 4x2.5 Clone Soft backs

- Thirty 2.5x2 Clone Soft backs

Screen Shot 2021-09-17 at 1.49.57 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-09-17 at 2.04.23 PM.png
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