Covid-19 Response

We want to help all our clients through this Pandemic.  We understand how stressful rescheduling your wedding may be and want to ensure your new wedding date is perfect.
With so many rescheduling we felt it necessary to have this page to help explain how we can help.

Option 1:  (By far the most popular). We maintain the existing contract exactly as it is written and simply move the event date to the newly rescheduled date without penalty or fee.  In doing so, we honor the current contract as well as its payment plan with the 60% mid-payment and final 20% payments on their originally scheduled dates.  

Option 2:  We cancel the existing contract forfeiting the original 20% deposit and sign a new contract for a new date with a new deposit due immediately.  This option allows for clients to re-cast a new payment structure and create a new contract.   Most couples would lose around $700 on this option, so it's not advisable.  

Option 3:  Full Cancellations of contracts will follow the verbiage of the contract exactly, which may in some cases require a certain level of payment still due at the time of cancellation.  It is always best to receive something than nothing, so keeping the contract and utilizing it for another event in the future is always advised.  We could do a family reunion, backyard party or even the three of us tour an area and spend the day taking pictures wherever you'd like.

Please note:  

1.  LEGAL AGREEMENTS:  Your current contract is a signed agreement designed to protect both parties.  No one anticipated Covid-19, but there is verbiage for unforeseen events including government actions, death, illness, etc.  The contract exists to help us both through this and we will follow the contract exactly as it is written with the intention of helping you every step of the way.  Full communication is important, so please contact us and remain in contact with us throughout the process.  

2.  SIZE OF EVENT: The number of guests or size of your event does not impact your contract.  If your new event is smaller, has few to no guests, does not include dinner/dancing or is no longer held at a venue, the contract is not impacted.  

3.  ORIGINAL DATE CEREMONY:  If you plan to have your ceremony on near the original date and move the reception to a new date the contract follows the reception.  The ceremony will be billed as a separate event billed at $350 per hour (two hour minimum) with full access to the digital image files.

4.  RESCHEDULING WITH DISCOUNTS:  It is our goal to simply reschedule any existing contract to any new date.  If, however, your original contract had any discounts for being either off-season, on a Friday or Sunday or any other special discount offered at the time of signing the original contract for any reason and is now moving to a Saturday and/or on-season or the original discount no longer applies for any reason, those discounts may be removed.

5.  RESCHEDULING EXTENT:  All current 2020 customers may move to any date up to 12/30/21.  Dates after 12/30/21 may be subject to additional fee to match our 2022 pricing options including possibly losing original deposit.

6.  FUTURE USAGE:  Any future services re-assigned to a new date shall be for event photography only such as wedding, family reunion, party, etc.  It shall not be the gathering of as many families as possible for unlimited family picture opportunities.  Client nor their agents, representatives, etc may not sell our services nor profit off our services in any way from those we are taking pictures of.

7.  ASSIGNED PHOTOGRAPHER:  All contracts moving dates within 2020 will be told who their photographer will be for their new date.  Contracts moving to 2021 will have their photographer assigned no later than second quarter 2021.  Our team of professional in-house staff will be used for all lead photographer positions.

8.  NEW LOCATIONS:  If your new plans result in a new venue or location that requires additional travel you may be subject to travel fees and/or hotel fees.

9.  NEW DATE TIMELINE:  Keep in mind that if you were having a summer wedding and moving to a fall date, the sun may set much earlier.  Your timeline may be impacted if you planned on doing pictures after your ceremony but it's now dark outside.  Please coordinate your new dates timeline with us before solidifying with your venue.

10.  ENHANCEMENTS:  With extra time to your wedding you are in a unique opportunity to enhance your wedding beyond your original vision.  With extra time to save you may wish to upgrade your package, add a second shooter, add a Photo Booth or include parent albums in your contract.  Similarly outside of our scope you can consider adding late-night stations at your venue, having open bar, adding a videographer.  Take this opportunity to make your wedding even more special and exactly how you hoped if you now find several more months to plan.

Newly Engaged:  If you are planning a 2021 wedding and have not yet booked a venue or hired your vendors it would be wise to do so.  With so many 2020 customers moving to 2021 options may be limited with any delay.

What We've Seen:  We've serviced many smaller weddings this year and what we've found is a far more personalized, relaxed and customized day.  Without the strict timelines of formal venues we're taking our time to allow for a stress free no-anxiety experience.  We're also able to get every image we want.  We can take our time with sunset pictures, take you to different locations and make it far more special.  

We're seeing that couples vows are written by the couples.  They're personal and touching, not just something downloaded and read.  The focus on the importance of the ceremony is heightened.  Couples, families and friends are far more appreciative of their ceremony day and it's extremely powerful and special to see.  There is NOTHING missing.  If anything, it's enhanced tremendously.  

Covid-19 Response

Covid-19 Response

Smaller means WAY more personalized

Covid-19 Response

Covid-19 Response

A far more personalized experience

Covid-19 Response

Covid-19 Response

Flexible plans to accommodate your new vision

Covid-19 Response

Covid-19 Response

In the end, it's all about the two of you.

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