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Becoming a Wedding photographer: what it really takes

Updated: Feb 6, 2018

Hint: It's a lot more than just taking pictures...

As with everything in life, experience breeds success. Do over 1000 weddings and inevitably you'll pick up some knowledge along the way that will be super helpful to your clients. Actually taking the pictures though really requires that kind of experience. It's much like playing a musical instrument. Getting that perfect symphony of settings in conjunction with the current status of the environment you're in - maybe it's bright sun, maybe it's a dark room, odd shadows, etc. Add to that, a good photographer need to have "The Eye" for a good shot.

“Anyone can buy a nice saxophone - but can you play it?”

You can know all the tech stuff - you can know your settings, lenses, filters, gear and more, but if you don't have the eye for an interestingly amazing picture than it's all for not..

So why Berryphotos?

What sets us apart? It's blending that artistic style with unique secondary lighting techniques to create a look specific to Berryphotos. Whereas most photographers utilize natural light as much as possible, Berryphotos will take full control of the light balancing natural with second and third light sources to create stunning images.

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