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This is where experience brings peace-of-mind.  Having a pro who knows weddings inside and out, he can help keep your day running perfectly smooth.  Arne gets a perfect exposure on every shot.  Literally, so well it baffles the rest of us.  He's a laid-back fun guy who quickly becomes part of your crew on the wedding day with the ability to gather the groups quick and easily allowing you to get back to the partying.  With the most experience of any photographer at Berryphotos he gets to do what he does best - shoot weddings - without having to deal with things like contracts, insurance, album design, web design, etc.  He leaves all that to Keith. . .   


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Arne Martinson

With a young, fresh, energetic and very vibrant approach to photography Alex brings a look and style of images that are natural and candid while still having command of the scene to create dramatic and show-stopping light when needed.  Having been trained in digital photography since its inception his style defaults to creativity and pushing the limits of the camera and equipment to see what looks he can get.  He's not afraid of climbing down into trenches or up into trees to get the best angle or to try something different - all while keeping the subject completely at ease with natural poses and direction.


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Alex Cole

Keith Berry

Owner and co-founder of Berryphotos Keith's career in the wedding industry began as a teenager helping his DJ uncle.  He got into photography when his best friend's brother-in-law came over from Italy and needed an assistant.  He quickly learned he had a latent talent that set him apart.  His first year on his own he booked 42 weddings!  In 2004 he partnered with Arne Martinson to create Berryphotos.  Since then Berryphotos has grown to be one of the leading wedding photography studios in the region averaging over 90 weddings per season with a perfect 5 Star rating on all review sites since their inception.  You know what, who's reading this?  Here's a fun Easter Egg, if you're reading this we'll give you a free engagement session at a local park.  Thanks for taking the time to actually check this out!

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Katie Berry

Katie is Owner & Graphic Designer for Berryphotos, Inc.  She is truly a master at what she does and has been recognized by CEO's and industry leaders around the world for her award winning album designs.  All albums are custom designed by Katie in partnership with you.  She incorporates elements of your event ranging from colors to invitation designs.  All albums are then hand-crafted in Italy by Graphistudio - the world leader in heirloom wedding books.  Berryphotos, Inc. has been a Graphistudio customer since 2004.  


Katie has a Bachelor of Arts in Speech Communications from Bridgewater State University.  She has a passion for education and has over 20 years of teaching experience.  In addition, Katie travels the country attending various photography conferences.   Katie educates professional photographers, one-on-one and in large group settings, on how to create beautiful albums their clients will love. She teaches professional photographers Graphistudio's proprietary software, Graphisoftware and Fundy Designer.

 She's truly amazing!  Oh, and yes,. . . she's married to Keith.

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Associate Photographers

Berryphotos is a small team of selected photographers with an average of 15 years in the wedding photography industry - EACH.  All have been trained with a similar approach to wedding photography to compensate available light with second, third or even fourth lighting techniques to give that Berryphotos look.  With literally thousands of weddings, the level of expertise is unsurpassed.

Our associate photographers are self-accomplished industry leaders, not students trying to build a portfolio!  They have each built a strong name in the industry and have aligned with Berryphotos to bring their expertise to our team.

Sometimes we get inquiries asking for Berry, because it's Berryphotos, when in reality the associate photographers have far more experience.  They've just gotten to a point where they want to focus on the art and not have to worry about making websites like this, deal with insurance, contracts, album design and all the head-aches of running a business - so they dump that on me and they do what they do best - wow you with amazing pictures!


Our current Associate for the 2018 and 2019 seasons is Jon Laverde.  Having his own studio and successful wedding business he's partnered with Berryphotos to assist with dates where our internal team is already committed.  We'd love to meet up and show you some of Jon's work.

The professional wedding photography industry in the area is a small group and we often will help each other out.  We may, at times, present photographers not listed on this website.  Rest assured - no one will represent Berryphotos as a lead photographer unless they have the skill-set and customer approach that's allowed us to maintain a perfect 5 Star rating on all review boards since our inception.