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Album Starter Kit

     Your album purchase begins with the Starter Kit.  This kit comes with our compact 30 page, 12x8 book with the most basic of our options for cover (white hardback), lining (white), paper (textured linen), and box (cardboard).  


     Once you have purchased the Starter Kit the fun begins and you may begin to customize your book to better reflect your theme, colors, fonts, quality of event, and personal taste.  You also will have the ability to customize your book's box to store your book in luxuary.

The Starter Kit comes included with the Platinum Experience.  If purchased a-la-carte you'll begin here.  Our Concierge Experience includes the Starter Kit as well as steps 1 and step 5.



Creating the cover is one of the most exciting moments in the book design process.


Economy Covers:

Leatherette, Metal & Maple 


Luxury Covers:

Crystal Glance, MetalPaint, 

Wood, Cork,

Leather (Italian, Cowhide, Suede, Sequoia)


(Step 1 is included in our Concierge Experience) 

Cover Material

We know one size does not fit everyones needs.  That's why we offer three sizes.

Compact = 12x8 (included)

Classic = 13x9.5 (most popular)

Majestic = 16x12 (Truly Unique)

$350 per increase in size
from Compact


Adding names, dates, images or design elements to fully customize the over-all look of your book is essential.  
Styles of Customization:
- Raised Foil
- Paint and Raised Paint
- Laser Engraving
- Leather Spine and Back
- Image die-cut into leather
- Embossing


$100 per customization












Customize Your Cover

This solid wood box is distinguished by a marked and modern style, which is then covered with a material to match your book. 

(Step 5 is included in our Concierge Experience)



All albums start with 30 pages. We will pick the best images to properly tell the story of your day.  Depending on the level of activity, number of group shots, size of family/wedding party and number of guests your album could require up to 100 total pages. We won't have this total until we've shot your wedding and designed your book.  Average weddings end up around 75 pages.

$10 per page

for each page over 30

The paper your images are printed on will change the feel of your book.  Fine Art HD paper delivers unprecedented print quality and vivid, intense colours like never before for an impressive visual experience.

$2.50 per page



Utilizing elements from your own wedding we custom design each box to coordinate with your weddings colors.

We can incorporate design elements from your invitation, a monogram or any other piece at your wedding.  This keepsake box is the statement piece that contains your most precious memories.

Choose from any color-overlay printed painting, raised paint, laser engraving or raised metal foil on select cover options.

$100 per customization


Host Your Wedding Video!

With a classic 13x9.5 album and select cover options you can add a .MOV Video Screen to the inside cover of your wedding box.  Load your videographers video or have us create a one-of-a-kind slide show highlighting your best images to tell the story of your day.  Your video will now be hosted right alongside your album.


Customize Your Box