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Surround yourself with your team. Let them support you, encourage you and yes, for one brief day they fan-girl all over you. It's OK! Let them! I know you don't like being in the spotlight often and it feels weird to be the center of attention, but girl, this is a big deal. You're getting freakin' married!!! Let your team cheer!!!

For the past 18 years we have built Berryphotos to be an industry leader for Wedding Photography in the northeast. Maxing out at 110 weddings per season (still can't believe we did that) we have been through several iterations of how we engage our couples.

At all times we've maintained one goal. From the client's perspective - You are our only client! Over the years I've come to trust my gut on the direction of the business. We used the same logos all along because I couldn't find anything I liked better.

That is, until 10pm on August 29th 2023 when a logo popped into my head. Within minutes I was sitting in front of the computer designing the exact look that was in my head.

It's a simple design with nods to the vines Berrys grow on and with a fun light font that actually creates a bit of a heart in the B.

Likewise, the background of our website had always been darker to give a sleek modern look. Now we're using light and airy shots accented by specialty shots that are dramatic and bold to properly show our range of styles.

I couldn't be more thrilled with the outcome. It properly reflects our Bespoke Couture Studio format.

This is a big investment. Photography for your wedding is so much more than just getting a few pictures. It's an investment in your relationship to preserve one of the most special days of your life!


All too often we come across couples that don't read the website, don't look at their contract, don't pay attention during meetings and arrive at the end with no clue as to what is included in their contract or what they actually paid for. As humans, we don't like to read too much, we glance over things and hope it'll all work out. For an investment of this magnatude we invite you to please familiarize yourself with your contract, look through the website's various helpful pages and ask us any questions as you plan. Yeah, reading sucks, but looking silly when something was sent to you several times that you ignored sucks worse. Btw, if you read all this and got to this point - Thanks! See, not so hard. Hey, since you're here, we often times will hide little Easter Eggs around the website offering free stuff, incencitves or specials. Keep an eye out and remember to READ.

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