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What will speak to her heart?

Your words. . .

OK, guys - this page is JUST for you so you can surprise your lady.

This Folio may be one of the most special gifts you could ever create for your bride.  Hand-stitched in Venice Italy it uses a special Amalfi paper that's hand torn and bound to create a piece of art that easily rivals the highest-end Italian designer handbags.  

Filled with imagery from your engagement session it's the perfect gift for the rehearsal dinner or the morning of the wedding.

We incorporate your own personal text mingled amongst the pages:

•. Tell her about the first time you saw her

•. Tell her about how you first knew she was "The One"

•. Tell her how nervous you felt proposing to her and what you felt when she said Yes

•  Tell her how excited you are to see her on the aisle and finally make her your wife.

•. Tell her of all your hopes and dreams for the future and how you plan to honor her.

She needs a gift on the wedding day.  You can get her a new expensive purse and a set of earrings but only this will touch her heart and show you were thinking of her at a level nothing else can.

As a surprise for her make sure you're not paying for it from an account she'd see.  You can Venmo us, mail a check, meet up with cash or whatever way is best for you.  Venmo is @Keith-Berry-2.  You can pay whatever amount you'd like on whatever schedule you'd like until it's paid.  



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