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Bumps in the calendar

While planning your wedding, be cautious of falling into seasonal patterns that all other couples are aligned to as well. Get ahead of the wave. If you're planning 6, 12, 18 or even 24 months out, there are still others planning for the same day. Getting your dream venue and the best vendors will be tough if you wait too long. These three should be hired as soon as possible.

The "Bumps" in the calendar are typically these: 1. New Years: People planning for this new year are all in the same boat thinking they could hold off on wedding planning during the holiday season and attach it as soon as the New Year hits. Everyone freaks out thinking "Ahhh, it's THIS YEAR!!!" and the emails flood in on January 1st as well as the first Monday of January. Don't let this be you - get ahead of it and book your venue and vendors before and/or during the holidays if you can.

2. September: Everyone wants to enjoy the summer, then with September comes the "OK, summer's over, let me buckle down and plan this wedding" vibe. Almost like a back-to-school and back-to-work mood and dates start booking quickly. Also this can lead into the next bump with it being the fall. Literally 40% of our weddings happen between September and November. It's by-far the most popular time of year in New England for weddings.

3. Your Negative-One-Year Date: As soon as your planned date is one year away everyone else with that date starts freaking out and a flurry of bookings occur. Get ahead of that and be aware of it.

By being aware of these trends you can stay ahead of the wave and get the best venue and best professionals before they book up.

If you have any other questions about planning definitely reach out to us. We'd love to help.

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