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Covid is creating more intimate events

Traditional weddings pre-covid at major venues were productions. There was a strict timeline. It was a whirlwind of activities and in most cases you'd blink your eyes and it would be over.

What we're finding with many Covid weddings is a more intimate personalized experience. We've had weddings with as few as 8 total people present and They • Were • Awesome!

From the flow of the day to the relaxed atmosphere there's zero stress. Surrounded by the closest of close loved-ones you can take more time to appreciate people and catch up. For dramatic pictures like the sunset above, we can go off and take 20 minutes to get every type of sunset shot possible without feeling we need to hurry back to cut the cake.

We've even found that the ceremony and vows seem deeper, more heart-felt and personalized instead of rushed and read from paper. The eye contact is stronger, the hugs are closer and tighter and the love is deeper because you're going through something that wasn't planned and you're going through it together. You're starting your journey during a worldwide pandemic and you're doing it together - hand in hand and with a love that can only get stronger.

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