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Got To Make It Happen!

Our brides and grooms often are hoping for a specific shot and sometimes it's next to impossible to get it.  This shot is the perfect example.  We were at Mt Wachusett and of course getting a shot on the lift was super important.  Typically we'd be in the chair just in front of the couple, but on this particular day the fog was so thick we simply couldn't even see them.  So, it would have been easy to get to the top of the mountain and just say "Sorry, it's too foggy" BUT instead, as soon as my feet hit the platform at the top I instructed the operator to stop the lift.  No questions asked, he jumped right to it and stopped it.  I then asked him to slowly inch them forward until they were at just the right position where I could see them clearly, but not see the platform, equipment or support poles.  Taking control of the situation and directing to get what we need is imperative and all too often necessary.  This is what you pay for.  This is why you hire a professional that does way more than just snap some pictures.  This is Berryphotos at its core.  Above and beyond is where we're most comfortable.

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