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How Can We Help?

Updated: Feb 8, 2018

• Doing almost 100 weddings per year we tend to have some perspective on how to help your day run perfectly. Lean on us for guidance and assistance as you plan your day.

• It's tough to create an itinerary and timeline with all the various pieces. We can help pace out the day so you get the most out of it and without stress.

• It's the little things, like showing you how to bustle your dress or putting the flowers on the guys.

• When others may be saying to play it safe and stay inside, but we can read the weather perfectly and get that amazing shot with the rainbow just after it stops raining (like the shots below - the event coordinator called off doing pictures and I insisted we go to the beach anyway and we got these amazing shots).

• When that annoying person jumps in the group shot and we pick up on the vibe right away - get that shot then invite them to jump out real quick for another without offending them.

• When two sides of a nasty divorce need to take pictures at the same time and we can make everyone smile.

• When we're behind schedule and need to hurry up with pictures to get back on track, but you're starving and we somehow get you some appetizers and a drink in the rush of it all.

• When the sun is setting - the sky is exploding in colors and your event coordinator insists that you cut the cake right now, but we grab you by the wrist and drag you outside for the shot that will define your wedding day and quite possibly be the best shot of the rest of your life.

• When that one friend does that amazing thing on the dance floor and we just happen to be right there and capture it forever.

When you hear someone say "We're going to hire a family friend to take our pictures - you better hope we're the family friend. . .

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