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99% of what you'll see out there from photographers will be natural light using just available light. It's nice and gives a soft look, but what about when you can make it even better? When we take control of the light and use just the amount we want and compensate with our own - then we can become true masters of light. Bright Sunny Day: We make the picture darker so you can get color and definition in the sky which means we need to put some flash on you. Background Too Bright: Same deal, you're silhouetted against a bright background so we put flash from various angles to light you. Sunset: It's dark out. If we want to see the colors we need to keep it dark, which means we can't see you. Many photographers will purposely silhouette you against a sunset, which can look nice, but isn't it oh so much better when we can actually see who you are? Specialty Shots: Sometimes we can use flash to create a cool look like shining it through a banister to create cool shadows or put a spotlight just on your faces. THIS is why you hire a professional. If your pictures are just a glorified version of what a phone can take then really what's the point? #berryphotos

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