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Rescheduling due to Covid-19?

Is your summer wedding going to have Fall Foliage? Are you considering pushing it off to 2021 entirely? We can help.

First, we have a page on our website addressing all the legalities of moving your contract. Essentially our goal is to keep the existing contract exactly as is and simply move the date.

When choosing a new date please be sure to communicate with us to ensure someone on our staff is available for the new date. Our extended team will always be able to service any date you choose, but it's a whole lot easier when we're communicating.

Some couples are choosing to have their ceremony on the original date with very close family (according to CDC recommendations) but push the reception off to another date. In such a case, we will honor both days at no additional charge by covering the ceremony on the original date PLUS move the contract to the new date.

For those moving to 2021, we will not be assigning the photographer until 2021.

Something important to keep is mind is the timing of the day and sunset. If you had a late spring or early summer wedding that's moving to the fall you may find a 8pm sunset is now a 5pm sunset. This could throw off the ceremony time and when we do pictures. You may have to either push the ceremony up earlier in the day or consider a first-look to do formal pictures before the ceremony.

Remember - your guests get it. If you have spring colors in the fall, they get it. If you had favors or signs or even invitations and save-the-dates with the original date, they get it. Don't go out spending thousands to re-do all that. It's a waste of money and anyone at your wedding that would think otherwise shouldn't be there.

With the extra time comes extra time to plan and extra time to save. If you wanted the Photo Booth but it wasn't in the original budget, add the dang Photo Booth. If you wanted to videographer but it wasn't in the budget, add the Videographer. Same goes for late-night stations, dessert bar, open bar - whatever. You have so much extra time to make it exactly how you want it.

In the end, remember, it's all about your relationship, your love and your future. Keep the love strong and try not to let the delay also delay your life. If you want to still get legally married during quarantine and start on your family plans, you absolutely should. No one is going to judge you. Your lives are too important to be ruled by this inconvenience. Live it the best way you can.

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