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There are Painters. . .then there are Painters

There are "Painters" then there are "Painters". Same holds true for photography. There is a skill, an art, a wealth of experience involved in photography akin to any other art or talent. It grows and develops over time gaining in the value of what's offered to clients. As with any industry, the gradient of skill often times aligns with the gradient of compensation. If, for example, you find someone who costs twice as much, they may be charging that because they are confident they are worth that and can demand that. If, however, you find someone for half as much, you should be wondering why. That being said, there are many high-priced professionals who have no right charging what they do. There are some amazing professionals who can afford to give great discounts and deals and there are many in the middle who can be flexible in either direction, so - do your homework, ask questions and make an informed decision. As the two images below will show, simply taking a picture is not a consistent talent. There's way more to it and getting someone good is well worth the investment.

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