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When Experience Kicks In

We had another tricky situation last week. We planned on doing pictures on the beach. The weather wasn't cooperating and it was very (very) windy at the beach. I knew it would be as we were heading there. On the way to the beach is a very long residential road with a ton of trees in peak foliage. As I followed the party bus to the beach I was making mental notes of all the best spots along the road. When we got to the beach it was exactly how I expected. Almost impossible to get perfect shots, but ok enough for a couple shots of just the two of them - but certainly not the whole wedding party in that wind. I jumped on the party bus and explained that I'd only be taking the couple off the bus for beach shots and that everyone should push down and open some seats for them closer to the front. We got a few amazing shots (despite the wind) at the beach then I instructed the party bus driver to follow me as I went up that residential road. We pulled over about three times and got amazing shots.

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