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When the Background Matters

Sometimes couples choose a venue specifically for a scene that's only available at that venue. Whether it's the city in the background, a perfect reflection in a pond, a killer sunset or even a room with a projected tapestry - they are expecting that the pictures look as good or better than any picture they've previously seen of that spot.  Although conditions may not always be ideal, it's our job to make sure they get those shots and to wow them with something better than they could have ever hoped for.  Hiring a photographer that can handle any situation, figure out any lighting scenario and be able to get it perfect on the fly under pressure is what it's all about.  You can't over-expose the background and lose the city.  You can't get the focus wrong or not have enough flash.  No excuses - it's got to be perfect.  Brides, don't settle.  It's too important to have someone say the shots not possible or have the shot not look ideal.  

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