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Your Wedding Experience

What should you expect? Here's a quick explanation.

  1. Initial consultation: Hosted at our studio we will discuss your vision for your wedding day and explain how our Wedding Experiences can help enhance your day. We will confirm which package best fits your needs and secure your date for you with a digital contract and deposit. If possible we will also schedule your engagement session.

  2. Engagement Session: When was the last time you had a dude staring at you with a camera telling you to kiss? It's weird, right? Getting the jitters out and feeling comfortable and natural in front of the camera happens during the engagement session. You'll learn posing techniques, see how we work and realize it's not scary but actually fun. Having a full hour dedicated to just the two of you, you'll experience an immersive personalized session proving a ton of variety in imagery. Whereas the wedding will have family, wedding party, first dance and other formalities, the engagement session is just the two of you - in normal clothes - creating images you'll cherish forever.

  3. Engagement Session Premiere: A week or so after the engagement session you'll be invited back to our studio for your first Premiere. This will be the first time you see these pictures and you will be absolutely blown away. At this Premiere we'll show a slide-show of the best images and discuss options of Wall Art, guest books, Love Letter Folios and other fantastic ideas of how to best display and enjoy your images.

  4. Pre-Wedding Meeting: About a month or so before your wedding day we'll meet again at our studio to go through your plans. We'll discuss the flow of events and hone in on timing such as when hair/makeup should be done, what time you should get in your dress and more. We'll discuss what groups or guests are important and make a plan for capturing larger group shots. Finally, we'll pre-design your wedding album using ideas that will be present at your wedding such as your invitation, centerpieces, clothing, signs and more. Our goal is to create a custom album presentation that is entirely based on YOUR wedding. We'll also discuss what walls you'll want to present these images on in your home after the wedding.

  5. YOUR WEDDING DAY: We play a far larger role than just taking pictures. We essentially become your day-of coordinator keeping you to your timeline and avoiding any pitfalls that could arise. As your only hired partner that's with you your entire day we have a lot of influence on how you experience your wedding day. Our expertise helps smooth out your day and lower your anxiety.

  6. Wedding Premiere: Within a month of your wedding we'll host your Premiere. We will have gone through the thousands of images taken to ensure each one meets our standards of quality. Will will have selected the best of the best from the entire day and designed all the internal pages of your album. We will show you a slide show of these pages as well as a 3D digital rendering of your album in its keepsake box. We will proof each page and confirm your Wall Art orders. With either full payment or a customized payment plan we will finalize your order and begin the creation of your personal art with our world-renowned partner Graphistudio in Venice Italy.

When your Wall Art and Album arrives from Italy we begin your personal art collection. Over the coming years we'll add to it with additional family, baby and other sessions to tell the story of your lives with the highest quality art.

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