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  • Keith

It should not be an a-la-carte, start at square-one each time kind of thing. Your team should be built.

From your Venue to your entertainment to your photographer, videographer and more.

If you're searching for each one independently by asking random facebook groups you'll get a list a mile long for each category. The ones you select may not know each other and have to jostle for what could have naturally gone smooth had your team developed a relationship before.

VENUES: Your venue has already done most of the work for you. They have a referral list. Ask them. But also, ask them how they develop that list. If vendors have to pay to be on it, it's junk, but at least a starting point of those who know the property. Ask them specifically who they see in their venue often and who they love working with. The DJ is who they hand the reigns over to after dinner, so they will absolutely speak up about the best.

DJ's: Your DJ's work with different photographers every single gig. They know who's out there hustling to get the best shots and who's in the corner eating cake. They know who's messing up the timeline by trying to get group shots when they just opened the dance floor and who was efficient and professional.

PHOTOGRAPHERS: We work with the Venues, we work with the DJ's so we can cross-reference support. Also, for videographers we know who will be by our side trying to get all the right shots and angles or who will step in front of our camera and block the most important shots of the day with no regard.

BUILD YOUR TEAM . . . Create a team that knows each other and works like a finely tuned machine. Lean on your vendors for support as you plan. Reach out to ask about other vendors. That is NOT bothering us. We would absolutely prefer a call or email about that before a wedding than to have someone who's not as good at the wedding. If our day goes well, your day goes even better.


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  • Keith

Our purpose is to preserve your memories. The best way to preserve memories is to trigger them regularly. The best way to trigger them regularly is to have them on display. That's why Wall Art, physical prints and albums are so important.

In creating such unique pieces of art, we look to create symmetry, balance, impact and emotion. Each piece of art should say something. Often there's a "Wow" collection where you entertain. We then put a softer more intimate piece in your bedroom. We call this the "Reset Button" and is intended to be that subtle reminder that even when life gets crazy - you're in it together. Play rooms may have a piece that shows the entire wedding party having fun. The man-cave may display some cool shot of all the guys looking like studs.

The best thing is - this is just the beginning. Years down the road you come back with babies and we create new pieces that match the existing pieces. Your art begins to spread throughout your home. Each piece is that same material, design and quality that only Venice Italy's GraphiStudio can provide. Your home will have a unified consistent look and feel.

This is an investment in you. In your relationship, your new family and the love you share.

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  • Keith

Literally YEARS of planning. Now you're finally married. The wedding was a huge success. It's all over now. It's just memories in the very recent past. Every day that past will get farther and farther away. Years will eventually tick by without you noticing. Loved ones will be born while others pass and each year you'll celebrate another year of marriage. What will you actually HAVE to remember the day by. Will you sit on your phone to pull up 2x4 pictures? Will you sit at the computer to look at an online gallery?

Printed products are the ONLY answer to honoring the most important milestone moments of your life. The highest quality that will last generations. Those perfect memories frozen in time. As you age, the pages in that hand-crafted book won't. As loved ones pass their images remain intact at the peak of happiness celebrating with you. As kids are born they see you on one of the happiest days of your life when their branch of this family tree began.

For the love-of-god, if there were ever anything to invest in properly,. . . it really is this. To not is honestly short-sighted. Ask anyone who's been married several years and has those years of experience behind them. The years go all too quick and now (right now) is too important not to honor.

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