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All Inclusive Destination Experience   

Imagine having your own home-based photographer with you to tour and capture the ENTIRE experience of your Destination Wedding - not just the few hours of the actual wedding.

Two full days of coverage means we could go around the resort, the island or surrounding areas for a special session the day before or after the wedding.  We could schedule it to end at sunset for that perfect shot and even continue into coverage of a rehearsal dinner.  It's unlimited coverage, so whatever is best for you.

We customize and tailor our services to best fit the needs of your wedding.  

We specialize in multiple lighting techniques to ensure every picture is magazine worthy with perfect light to capture the depth and richness of the surroundings.  

Having us close to home means both planning and post-wedding product support is local and convenient.  

Feel free to contact us for further info and to discuss in depth.

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