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Your Portrait Experience

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The Wonder Year Experience

    ~ $3595

This experience covers from Pre-Birth through First Year.

     - Pre-Birth Session::  Hour long at local park or beach the "Pre-Birth" session can be an engagement session, Maternity session or small two-hour or less wedding ceremony/elopement. If this opportunity was missed we can apply it to a three month session or other post 1-year session.

     - Newborn Session: Up to three hours in our studio with a completely customized and stylized shoot incorporating your selected color palettes, close-ups, photographs with mom and dad separate and together as well as both sleeping and awake shots of baby.

     - Sitting up session (usually around 6 months old).  Here your baby is really starting to show their personality and expressive nature.  Now interacting and playing, the sitting up session incorporates more toys, props and smiles to capture this perfect stage of development.

     - Standing up session (usually around 1 year).  When baby can stand un-aided the game changes.  Now they're a little person and you'll see a huge difference.  You'll wonder where that little baby went - and so quickly too!!!  This session marks a huge milestone in your babies development and is a lot of fun.  This session could be in-studio or at a local park or beach to give variety to the shots taken.  

Designed to be very much like our Wedding Platinum Experience, when these four sessions are done as a package you'll receive full access to all your digital files following each session.  After the "Standing Up" session you'll receive a $500 credit toward a baby book that's of the same quality as our wedding albums.  Hand-crafted in Venice Italy, this book is fully customizable and will incorporate images from all four sessions telling the story of your families growth from maternity through babies first year.

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A-La-Carte Experiences


Unlike any other session you've ever experienced your Newborn session will be the first professional pictures of your babies new and precious life.

We allow for 2-3 hours for this session and will have a pre-session meeting to discuss all the details of how the session works and what to expect.  

Our goal is to capture 10-15 amazing shots and scenes from Wow shots to close details and various poses.  

A few weeks after the session you'll be invited back for a private Premiere of the images in our studio to discuss how you'd best like to display your images in your home and with the world.

Most families choose the digital files and a single 19.5x19.5 piece of Wall Art from this session.

Session fee - $350 per hour

Access to digital files - $500 per session

Wall Art Pricing specific to order

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The Family Experience

This hour long experience is at the location of your choosing* and allows for unlimited posing and wardrobe changes.

In addition to the family group shot we will focus on each individual to capture their true personality with formal as well as fun and candid portraits.  

As part of the Family Experience you'll receive a one hour Premier at our studio to view your images with our designer.  We will help create the perfect expression of Wall Art, Prints and Books to properly display and share your families new art collection.

Your $350 Session Fee includes up to four individuals (including pets).  Each additional person/pet is $25.  Each additional 15 minutes is $75.  Combined sessions (cousins for example) or sessions of 10 or more people/pets may be subject to additional fee.  Travel in excess of 30 minutes from Bridgewater MA may be subject to travel fee and/or parking.

Add access to digital files for $500:  Full resolution of every image taken with copyright release to print and share as you wish.

Wall Art Collections: Properly display your family portraits on the wall.  Selections and pricing can be found on the Wall Art Page of our website

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The Senior Experience

They're almost grown,. . .  But not yet!  

Our Senior Experience is so much more than just pictures in the park.  We dig deep to learn your personal goals, aspirations and loves in life.  We want to incorporate your hobbies, pets and passions.  

With a focus on you and your personality this is far more than just head shots for the yearbook.  All the creative, horizontal and fun shots are to capture this unique and special time in your life.

Our goal is to help you create treasured memories to display as Wall Art, Portfolio Presentation Boxes, Hand-Crafted Albums and so much more.

Your selected image for a Year Book submission will be digitally transferred to your school upon your request.

About two weeks following your session you'll be invited back to our studio for your Premier to view your images in a stunning display.  There you will join our designer in creating collections to properly share and honor your milestone in life.

Want to make your session extra special?  Invite your friends to join you!  You and each friend can take $50 off your session fees when you share your Senior Experiences at the same time.  

A-la-carte pricing:

Session fee - $350 per hour

Access to digital files - $500 per session

Wall Art Pricing specific to order

Starter album - $500

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The Fur-Baby Experience

Your first baby - Your FUR baby!  

Whether your fur baby is a new addition to the family or has been with you since before the spouse and kids, the impact this cute little bundle of love has on you and your personal sanity is immeasurable!  

This specialty session is dedicated to reflecting the quirky fun-loving personality of this unique little love-bug.  

Your $350 session fee includes a $100 credit toward the perfect tribute to honor all the love and devotion the two of you have shared; from Wall Art to dedicated custom books the memories you capture will last the rest of your life.

Truly like a shooting star, they brighten our lives but must leave us too soon.  We honor "End-Of-The-Road" experiences if you feel time is limited.

Following your session you'll meet with our designer to turn these new memories into lasting tributes to the one who loves you unconditionally.