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Above and Beyond is where we're most comfortable.

For Jamie and Seth's wedding we had planned on a first-look at 1:30. The rain forecast called for 15% chance or rain at 1 and 85% at 2 continuing all night.

Seeing this at 8am I called Jamie and Seth and asked how they felt about moving up the first-look to avoid the rain. Sounds easy - but it's not.

1. Had to make sure hair and makeup was OK with pushing everyone up by an hour. Luckily Jamie had hired people I knew well. It all worked out.

2. Just because I can start early doesn't mean the videographer can. Again, Jamie hired someone I work very closely with. I called him up and worked it all out.

3. The venue doesn't allow us on property that early. No worries! There's actually a spot right around the corner that's gorgeous. We went there for the first look then had all the time we wanted at the venue later.

The rain hit just after the ceremony for like 5 minutes then became gorgeous out. BUT we didn't know it at the start of the day, so worked it out perfectly just in case.

Most photographers would simply roll with whatever happened. Hey, if it rains it's not their fault and they'd just do all the pictures inside. No biggie, right?

This just isn't acceptable if we know we can coordinate to make it perfect. Above and Beyond is where we're most comfortable.


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