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What's unique about this picture? Hint, only a small percentage of photographers can get it. . .

Who you hire matters!

Not all photographers are of equal skill.

How does that play out on your wedding? If you get someone with less experience, they will miss important opportunities or not know how to address an issue that comes up. Case-in-point, this wedding:

Katie and Sean had a GORGEOUS wedding at Chamberlain Farm in Berkley Oct 1st. It was pouring rain right when we were supposed to do first-look and family/wedding party pics.

Guaranteed any average photographer would just say "Welp, it's raining so I guess we'll just do the pictures inside."

Instead, we found an area on the property where they could open up two huge flaps to expose an entire wall to the outside. Now, with them properly out of the rain inside but the camera facing out, the subjects would be dark and silhouette against that background.

Being able to properly light the individuals with flash as well as keep the depth of color in the background is why you hire a pro.

Going out of the way to find the owner to get that wall opened in the first place is why you hire a pro.

Getting someone who would even think of this and not just take the easy way out and blame the rain is why you hire a pro.

The pic below - the couple is inside and out of the rain. . .

Your wedding day is too important not to invest properly in capturing the memories right.

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