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Our brides and grooms often are hoping for a specific shot and sometimes it's next to impossible to get it.  This shot is the perfect example.  We were at Mt Wachusett and of course getting a shot on the lift was super important.  Typically we'd be in the chair just in front of the couple, but on this particular day the fog was so thick we simply couldn't even see them.  So, it would have been easy to get to the top of the mountain and just say "Sorry, it's too foggy" BUT instead, as soon as my feet hit the platform at the top I instructed the operator to stop the lift.  No questions asked, he jumped right to it and stopped it.  I then asked him to slowly inch them forward until they were at just the right position where I could see them clearly, but not see the platform, equipment or support poles.  Taking control of the situation and directing to get what we need is imperative and all too often necessary.  This is what you pay for.  This is why you hire a professional that does way more than just snap some pictures.  This is Berryphotos at its core.  Above and beyond is where we're most comfortable.

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You might not even think to ask this when looking for a wedding photographer but - How many pictures will you actually get?!

Many of the best photographers out there will only give you between 600-800 images. They will actually edit down to that range after taking more. Their reasoning is they should only provide you with the best of the best? So, what about those deleted images? The ones you never even get to see? What if it's a hysterically funny shot that just IS your friends goofy expression or perhaps that random person your hugging is your aunt with cancer? Those are real examples I've heard of.

At Berryphotos we don't count the number of images. You'll get as many as we can take - and they're not just repeats of the same shot. Depending on the level of activity at your wedding (hour long mass vs 15 minute garden ceremony for example) we can usually end up well over 2000 images and often hit 3000. We've had several recent weddings that actually hit 4000 images!!!! That's candids, various groupings, different angles and expressions and full emersion of the dance floor. It's every little detail that you spent oh-so long stressing over.

So how long does it take to get these thousands of images? Weeks? Months? Nope, we usually have them online and ready for you within one week. OK, two if it's really busy. That is absolutely unheard of in the industry. How in the world can we edit all those images so quickly?! Our approach is simple. If we take the right picture with the right exposure at the time we click it, then what needs to be edited? If the white-balance, exposure, skin-tones and all is perfect at the time of the picture, then we may apply a few dramatic effects here and there and maybe make a few black-and-white. We'll remove blinks and obviously bad or embarrassing shots but otherwise you're getting them ALL.

It's important to us that we capture the full story. Let you experience your wedding from many perspectives and record the totality of the event.

We coined a phrase - Intentional Candids. Even our candids have purpose. They're not just random shots of people. We're waiting for that great expression on the face. We're listening to that music on the dance floor and know when everyone's going to throw their hands up and shout. We're anticipating each shot and capturing it perfectly so all our images can tell a story.

It's important and not often discussed, but if you know anyone looking for a wedding photographer this is something they should be thinking about. We'll get into albums and hours in a future post. ;)

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For Jamie and Seth's wedding we had planned on a first-look at 1:30. The rain forecast called for 15% chance or rain at 1 and 85% at 2 continuing all night.

Seeing this at 8am I called Jamie and Seth and asked how they felt about moving up the first-look to avoid the rain. Sounds easy - but it's not.

1. Had to make sure hair and makeup was OK with pushing everyone up by an hour. Luckily Jamie had hired people I knew well. It all worked out.

2. Just because I can start early doesn't mean the videographer can. Again, Jamie hired someone I work very closely with. I called him up and worked it all out.

3. The venue doesn't allow us on property that early. No worries! There's actually a spot right around the corner that's gorgeous. We went there for the first look then had all the time we wanted at the venue later.

The rain hit just after the ceremony for like 5 minutes then became gorgeous out. BUT we didn't know it at the start of the day, so worked it out perfectly just in case.

Most photographers would simply roll with whatever happened. Hey, if it rains it's not their fault and they'd just do all the pictures inside. No biggie, right?

This just isn't acceptable if we know we can coordinate to make it perfect. Above and Beyond is where we're most comfortable.


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