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1. Most couples have never had images of themselves worthy enough to blow up and put on a wall, so it initially may feel odd. You also never got married nor had anything in life important enough to commemorate in such a meaningful way.

2. The Wall Art is your daily reminder.

3. It's not just for you. Any future children will grow up knowing that was the moment their family was formed. It's the Stake in the ground that makes their house their home.

4. One or both in the relationship have been raised to be frugal and to not spend money on such indulgences. This commendable trait is usually correct - except when applied to such huge once-in-a-lifetime moments with such huge impact. Some things are worth investing properly in.

Every couple deserves stunning Wall Art in their homes

It's ALL about Variety. Getting as many different looks as possible so you have a TON of amazing shots to choose from that have completely different looks, vibes and emotions. This only comes from experience.

From the soft and sentimental to the dramatic and bold - your photographer should be able to change settings on the fly and make different looks from the same scene.

Using flash, angles and years of experience we create stunning images in a variety of settings to give you images you only dreamt of seeing yourself in.

Sometimes just turning to a different direction can make all the difference in a shot.

Sometimes zooming in the flash to create a spotlight effect makes an ordinary shot extraordinary.

This level of experience comes from literally 10+ years of experimenting and practicing. ONLY through this experience can you achieve what others can't. A depth of imagery and story telling that exceeds all your expectations.

This is the Berryphotos difference. It's so much more than just photography.

As many of you may know, we exclusively use GraphiStudio in Venice Italy to produce all our albums and Wall Art. But, did you know that GraphiStudio uses Berryphotos as well?

1. When GraphiStudio has events in the United States such as world-class conventions, expos, etc they have Berryphotos come and help show other photographers from around the world how to customize albums for their respective clients.

2. When GraphiStudio has high-end clients, they use Berryphotos to help design the albums. We've created custom books for Oprah Winfrey commemorating Sidney Poitier, Dr. Maya Angelou and Quincy Jones to name a few.

When we say your album will be a one-of-a-kind world-class piece of Art, we're not kidding. You're getting the best possible on planet Earth.

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