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Lighting the ceremony can be the trickiest part of a wedding. From churches to bright gardens with weird shadows to venues with tricky configurations. When considering a photographer look for shots of the ceremony. Look for skin tones, shadows, lighting, etc. Some locations just can't be fixed, but most can be done right with the proper experience. #berryphotos #masterthelight

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Contact US to help work out your timeline!

We want to ensure you have the most possible time to get all those amazing pictures.

If you do a first look: We have all the time in the world before the ceremony to go and do whatever our hearts desire.

If you build in a gap between cocktail hour and ceremony: We can get all the wedding party and family pictures done and still have plenty of time to dedicate to just the two of you in different poses and locations with entirely different looks and vibes to the shots.

If you only allot cocktail hour for pictures: That hour is really only about 45 minutes if we're lucky. If you have a large wedding party or complex family dynamics we could use 35 of those minutes just getting different combinations of people before we get a single shot of just the two of you.

Before the day gets here let's talk and see how we can work things out to get the absolute most out of your day.

This is especially important for fall couples who have an earlier sunset! #berryphotos #hireapro #weknowlight #buildyourteam #masteroflight #bestofboston2016

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All these gorgeous pictures were thanks to a Post-Wedding Session. It was absolutely pouring on their wedding day, so FREE of charge we get together for a make-up session at the venue on a weekday and get all the shots we couldn't get on the wedding day. Best of all - instead of being limited to cocktail hour with family and wedding party, we could spend as much time as we needed on just the two of them.

#berryphotos #WeWILLgetTheShot

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