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Every Second of Every Wedding

Every second of every wedding we're thinking. We're anticipating what's next. What's about to happen and where do I need to be to ensure I get that shot. What angle? How's that light? What's in the background? If I'm getting that shot, will it mean I can't be in place for the next shot right after it? We need to be 100% in-tune with everything that's happening and can NOT be distracted. Often times we need to step in and act as a coordinator to help address something. Our experience kicks in and we help avoid a moment of stress for the couple. Imagine if you just hire a friend to do this. Yeah, they own a camera. Yeah they may have taken a few nice shots or even done a few weddings and yeah - they're probably free or a case of beer. They will know people at your wedding. They'll want to socialize. They'll want to have fun too. You will never know what amazing shot opportunities are missed. You'll simply never have seen them because they were never taken. You'll never know how good it could have been if you hired a pro. You'll just be another bride disappointed with their pictures but now with a weird vibe between you and that friend. If you've read this far, Just consider how important this day is. Let's do it right. You've got the awesome venue, you've got the awesome DJ, you've got the gorgeous dress - Let's just do it right

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