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  • Keith

We make it simple! A few weeks after your wedding we'll have you back to our studio for your personal Premiere. This will be the first time you see your pictures. We will have all the best-of-the-best pictures pre-designed in your album presented digitally for your review. We will proof and co-design you book right there at your Premiere together. We will have a digital 3D rendering of your cover and box as well. We can even show you what your Wall Art will look like.

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  • Keith

We hope you'll show your pictures - on your real wall, not your FB or IG wall. Our Wall Art is custom designed and printed in Venice Italy! That's right, your amazing pictures are actually printed into custom art in Venice Italy. Why? Because you're worth it. That's not just a cheesy line, it's legit. YOU are worth showing on your walls. Your life, your love, your relationship, your family. Put it on the wall and let everyone see them!

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  • Keith

You hire a professional photographer for their experience. What does that mean? Their ability to use the camera? Their years of running a business? It's really so much more.

The most important thing you can look for is Variety! How many different poses, lighting scenarios, formal vs candid, color vs black-and-white, dramatic vs light and airy. The majority of photographers are good at one or two, better photographers have picked up a few more but a true professional has mastered all.

In a quick, easy and efficient way a photographer should be able to walk you through a session that includes as many varieties of shots as possible. Sometimes in the same pose the settings on the camera and flash can be changed in a couple seconds to create a totally different look.

So, when researching photographers actually look at the galleries. Don't just look at a few nice shots from several different clients - look at one clients gallery and see just how different the shots are in that one clients gallery. If they're all natural light only - run. If they're all the same light recipe - run. If they're all the same pose - run. If they look like they could have been taken with a phone - run.

Learn to identify what makes a good picture. Then reach out to us. :)

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